Pad Printing

Pad Printing

Pad Printing

With over 66 years of experience in spraying manufacturing, Quality Spraying Technologies is an industry leader in meeting the printing needs of our customers.   

Quality Spraying Technologies has state-of-the-art pad printing equipment to pad print up to 150mm per hit with variable temperature posting curing ovens. This gives us the ability to process engineered resin materials, glass, ceramic, and rubber. With pad printing, we can decorate nearly any rigid part, material type, or any part shape, including irregular or odd shapes.    

Pad Printing Features include:

  • Climate-controlled facility to reduce quality issues 
  • Permanent ink 
  • Multi-color printing 
  • Substrate preparation capabilities  
  • Art work services 
  • Spot color ink mixing and matching using non-toxic inks 
  • Silicone rubber ink, dark over whites 
  • Engineered materials to meet various environmental requirements 
  • Distribution and warehousing services 
  • Prototype to full production 
  • Special assembly and packaging services   

Our facility is designed to handle consistently high volume runs as well dedicated facilities for short runs or low volume, as well. 

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