Surface Cleaning

Metal and Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

With more than 66 years of metal finishing experience, you can trust the experts at Quality Spraying Technologies to provide the most appropriate surface preparation methods for your project and budgetary requirements.

Preparing a metal surface or any surface for a high-quality finish requires a thorough cleaning process as the first step. Cleaning services at Quality Spraying Technologies include removal of paint, powder coating, rust, scale, grease or any other surface conditions affecting the surface our customers may want cleaned.    

Quality Spraying Technologies surface cleaning capabilities encompass both chemical, high-pressure washing along with aluminum oxide and sandblasting techniques. We provide metal surface cleaning services to customers requesting one of our coating services or as a stand-alone service.     

Metal and Surface Cleaning capabilities include:   

  • Hand-polishing 
  • Sandblasting 
  • Bead Blasting 
  • Degreasing 
  • Passivation 
  • De-rusting 
  • De-rouging 
  • Pickling        

Contact Quality Spraying Technologies to learn more about our surface preparation services and to receive a project quote today.  

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